Ghisela L Eljach
CEO / President of EG Latin Media
Founder and Editor in Chief of InSouth Magazine

Ghisela Eljach, born in Barranquilla, Colombia, came to the United States in 2000. She obtained a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Greenville Technical College and has more than fifteen years of experience after venturing into industries such as beauty, fashion, and others.

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a great social conscience, she took into account the contribution of the Latin culture in the growth of the country. In 2015, Ghisela created InSouth Magazine as a means of communication, printed and digital, with the purpose to attract the Hispanic population residing in South Carolina through a publication that informs, entertains, and dignifies them. Additionally, this publication determines to connect both worlds with content in English and Spanish. Understanding the importance of integration in a respectful way without forgetting roots, InSouth strives to value every person in their collective uniqueness in South Carolina.

Ghisela's lastest undertaking was carried out at the beginning of the pandemic: the creation of EG Latin Media Agency. A Latino media agency in the area which allows you to offer your clients a longer advertising exposure of your business through digital platforms, print media, radio, and TV.

Regarding the social field, she has worked for her community in Greenville and also at a national and international level. This includes several non-profit organizations, some of which obtained resources for scholarships, distributing disaster relief supplies in the wake of hurricanes in Honduras (with the radio station La Jefa 94.9 FM, 1070 AM & 92.1 FM Hendersonville, NC), and assisting with food and household goods to Venezuelans.

With vast experience and a high altruistic sense, Ghisela worked to create “A Night of Bonitas Celebration” - an event aimed at providing support to foundations or organizations that sought to benefit the Latinx community in different ways. Together with her team, Ghisela took charge of the annual event organization and coordinated its public relations, promotion, and publicity.


Taking into account her long experience in different avenues within the beauty, health, gastronomy, fashion, and others, Ghisela Eljach offers her services as an advisor in the field of advertising and marketing.

In raising brand awareness, she offers a set of communication tools offered by EG Latin Media Agency: a company that has different means to give greater reach and visibility to your products or services.

Additionally, advertising campaigns can be placed in a printed medium such as InSouth Magazine which is printed and digital. If you’re aiming for radio coverage, this can be done through "La Jefa 94.9 FM", a radio station that broadcasts for an audience close to two million Latinx who reside in the "Dos Carolinas" (SC&NC) and which can be heard on the stations 94.9 FM and 1070 AM with 50 thousand watts of power, 92.1 FM Hendersonville, NC.

This successful businesswoman also provides her services as a personal business coach in order to motivate women (especially migrants), who can, based on their experience, achieve their dreams and goals through motivation and empowerment.

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